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Having healthy muscles is not about having to workout with weights and being "buff" with huge muscles - it's about living stronger at any age!

Watch the videos below to learn about MyoHealth and how healthy muscles affect the health of your entire body!

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Live Stronger and Bolder At Any Age!

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MyoHealth comes in your choice of lemon or berry flavored powder or in capsules.

Buy one and get one free!

How MyoHealth Works! 


What makes MyoHealth different than other products on the market?

MyoHealth contains the first U.S. patented Essential Amino Acid (EAA) complex that includes all 9 EAAs.  It wasn't easy getting there.  The formula behind the Essential Amino Acid Complex took 20 years to develop, cost over $20 million in research and development and underwent 23 human clinical trials, including NASA space flight and patient bed rest studies. 

Lemon or Berry Flavored powdered drink or capsules!


Who is Robert R. Wolfe, PhD?

Dr. Robert R. Wolfe has over 40 years experience as a PhD researcher at several of the world's top universities and medical centers, including Harvard University.  Dr. Wolfe has published over 500 peer-reviewed papers and is widely respected as the "world's foremost authority on amino acid nutrition".

He is author of several books, including "The Building Blocks of Life".

Currently he is the Jane and Edward Chair in Nutritional Longevity, Director, Center for Translational Research in Aging and Longevity and Professor of Geriatrics at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and Donald W. Reynolds Institute on Aging, Little Rock, Arkansas.

The Hidden Benefits of Better Muscle Health

What's the key to a healthier liver, heart and better blood glucose management?  Maintain your muscle mass!




MyoHealth comes in your choice of lemon or berry flavored powder or in capsules.

Buy one and get one free!

How Muscle Health Impacts Aging

Maintaining healthy muscle mass is not about eating protein and drinking protein shakes!  Dr. Wolfe explains why!



The Building Blocks - Essential Amino Acids

What nutrients are the building blocks of a healthy life?  Essential Amino Acids!  Without them you die!  With the right amount, your body can thrive!  Why it is important to supplement your diet with the right amounts of essential amino acids.



How to Stop Losing Muscle As You Age!

After age 40 you lose muscle mass and strength every day!  How can you tell?  Can you do anything about it?



MyoHealth is 3 Times Better Than Whey Protein



MyoHealth comes in your choice of lemon or berry flavored powder or in capsules.

Buy one and get one free!


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